Why Rally for NYGH?

Everyone has a special reason to be running or walking in support of our hospital.

"My name is Lauren and I’m running for NYGH because the hospital needs our community’s support. Many of us have some sort of connection with NYGH. For me, it’s where my sister and I were born! You probably have a connection with NYGH, too! Or maybe you care about someone who has been helped by the hospital.
I’m sure you will agree that it’s important to help NYGH advance the great work they do. Please come out and support NYGH at the Rally in the Ravine!”

What’s your story? How has NYGH helped you, your family, a colleague or friend? Be sure to update your personal fundraising page to tell your story. And if you’re willing to share it with NYGH to inspire others, we’d love to hear it!! Your story may inspire others to donate or participate themselves.

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